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Medical & Healthcare Malpractice

We act on behalf of a variety of health professionals and health organizations in defence of civil medical malpractice claims, with a particular emphasis and expertise in obstetrical cases.

Our lawyers often are involved the moment that adverse events occur, guiding our clients every step of the way. We routinely discuss adverse events with clients at the outset, secure statements and other evidence, and ensure reviews are properly protected by privilege to ensure that we are ready to mount the best defence possible to each and every claim.

Our lawyers can assist clients is these often related proceedings which, in our experience, provides consistency in approach, minimizes time, resources and costs, and benefits our clients as they build strong and trusting relationships with counsel

Our lawyers also provide risk management advice to our clients, general and topic specific papers, bulletins and presentations and other advice. Our experience is that excellent risk management strategies and understanding by healthcare clients avoids or minimizes adverse events and makes claims defence more successful when events do occur.

Practicing Lawyers

Each of the lawyers at Rogers Partners LLP brings a distinctive skill set and specialization to the practice of law. The following lawyers practice the specific area you are interested in.