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Who says you can’t have it both ways.

Rogers Partners LLP is a unique litigation practice that has the personal touch of a smaller firm along with the resources, expertise, and experience of a larger firm. We can apply highly specialized legal resources to major cases, and we have the efficiency and flexibility to meet your needs.

Our professional values are traditional but our approach is very modern. This allows us to be nimble and highly efficient but also responsive and reliable.

Our commitment and dedication have created longstanding relationships with our clients. This continually puts us on top of the list of some of the largest institutional clients and insurance companies in Canada and the U.S., as well as the U.K.

We act as counsel at all levels of our civil justice system. We are defense counsel for insurers and self-insured companies, managing litigation arising from all types of losses including product liability, occupiers’ liability, professional negligence, motor vehicle liability, property losses, municipal liability, medical negligence, and sexual abuse.

Most importantly, no matter what type of claim we are defending, we vigorously represent our clients’ interests, including through trial when a reasonable negotiated resolution is impractical or cannot be achieved.

Find out more, see our history and the resources we offer.