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Articling Program

Articling at Rogers Partners LLP means becoming part of a team. Our doors are open, our atmosphere is friendly, and our approach ensures that you’ll be active and involved.

The Articling Experience at Rogers Partners

Articling is the first and most significant step in your legal career.  Our students play a key role in our firm’s success. That’s why we strive to make the articling experience both rewarding and enjoyable, so that our students emerge with the confidence and skills needed for a successful litigation career.

We offer a professional, collegial environment that can be expected in a law firm of our size with the expertise and career challenges you would expect at a larger firm.

What to Expect

As an articling student at Rogers Partners, you will be part of a challenging, rewarding and educational experience.

Our articling program is different because we’re different. We designed it to encourage hands-on experience. Our students become involved and actively participate in litigation matters as soon as they are ready. We want them to attend court and to have direct contact with clients. Our students frequently handle and attend motions on their own and they’re expected to deal independently with small claims court files.

For more complex litigation files, our students play an important supporting role. They conduct legal research and draft documents, facta, and memoranda.

How it Works

We rotate our students throughout the office during their articling term, to ensure there is interaction with everyone at the firm. By doing so, you can observe various styles of litigation, methods of practice, and personalities. However, because our main practice area relates to insurance defense litigation, there are no formal rotations.

As well, we believe that the articling term should be primarily educational, so we do not have targets for student billable hours. Our goal is not to detract from that learning experience by focusing on billable hour targets. We expect our students to simply have a great litigation experience.

There are, of course, limits to what articling students are permitted to do in accordance with the Rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada. To supplement your direct hands-on experience, all of our lawyers, from our junior associates to our senior partners, encourage students to attend with them various stages of litigation matters.

By attending to observe pre-trial conferences, mediations, examinations for discovery, client meetings, witness interviews, administrative hearings, trials, and appeals, you have the opportunity to observe various litigation styles and techniques. In the end, your practical articling experience is enhanced.

As an articling student, you can expect to be welcomed as a member of our team and contribute to the success of our firm, while working in a busy, professional and collegial environment.

What You Bring to Rogers Partners

We expect our students to begin their articles with an eagerness to learn and to become productive members of our team. You are expected to develop your skills as litigators and advocates and to actively participate in our litigation matters.

We would also encourage you to take advantage of the fast-paced litigation environment and to make your articling term an ongoing learning process in preparation for your own practice when you are called to the bar.

The Hiring Process

Our hiring process is in accordance with the recruitment procedures for the City of Toronto as outlined by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

We hire two or three students each year from the  20-25 students whom we interview during the designated interview week.

When we consider an applicant for an interview, there is no doubt that academic performance is important. However, we also know that academic performance alone cannot predict the best articling student or future litigator.

That’s why our students should have a commitment to and an interest in civil litigation, They should also have good research skills. We look for students who will fit well in the collegial yet professional environment of our firm. It’s our hope that our students will become future lawyers at Rogers Partners LLP.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a position at Rogers Partners LLP, we ask that your application includes a resume, cover letter, and reference letters, as well as copies of your official transcripts from both law school and your undergraduate studies. It’s that simple.

Please submit applications to:

Andrew Yolles
100 Wellington Street West, Suite 500, P.O. Box 255
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1J5