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Access to Justice & Summary Judgment Post-Pandemic: A “Culture Shift” – At Long Last?

Stephen Ross and Gemma Healy-Murphy have written a thought-provoking article entitled “Access to Justice & Summary Judgment Post-Pandemic: A ‘Culture Shift’ – At Long Last?

In the article, Stephen and Gemma say: “The wheels of justice move slowly and it is only now, over six (6) years later, and in response to a worldwide pandemic, that the Ontario courts appear ready to embrace the culture shift envisioned by the Supreme Court of Canada to fix Ontario’s ‘broken’ civil justice system”.

When combined with the court’s recent and ongoing technological revolution, Stephen and Gemma hope that a revamped summary judgment process can provide the courts with the “judicial toolbox” necessary to meet the challenges of backlog, access to justice, and preserving scarce judicial resources.