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Many of our lawyers are regularly published in legal journals, and we frequently provide our clients with important updates on the law and general advice on emerging legal issues that are important to them. Browse through our resources below.

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Insurance Law

When Can an Insurance Policy Breach Be Forgiven?

Automated Vehicles and the Future of Automobile Insurance in Ontario

Winds of Change Blowing for the Insurance Industry

The Collateral Benefits/Tort Interface

PowerPoint – Tort/Collateral Benefits

Subrogating in the Name of Bankrupt Insureds

The Duty to Disclose Material Changes in Risk

Settling Over the Limits Auto Claims

Two Impactful Court of Appeal Decisions Affecting Auto Claims

Important Insights for Commercial Defendants in Slip and Fall Claims

The MIG is Unconstitutional? A Surprising FSCO Decision

The Nature of the Force Matters: A Priority Dispute and the Transmission of Force

Still No Loss Transfer for Non-Colliding Vehicles

Partial Settlement Agreements: Practical Realities

Hoang v. Vincentini: The “Conflict” Between Insurer and Insured

Third Party Liability Coverage in Automobile Insurance Context: Key Concepts and Practical Strategies

Bill 18 – Priority and Liability of Rental Companies’ Insurance Policies

Bill 18 – Changes affecting vicarious liability for lessors and the priority of third party liability in car rental situations

Relationship Between Brokers, Insureds and Insurers

Following the Trail of a Missing Policy

Coverage, Causation and Remoteness: A Careful Analysis Before the Question Becomes Simply “How Much?””

Motor Vehicle Coverage Disputes – Bullets, Boulders and Booze: Is Everything Covered? (paper)

Motor Vehicle Coverage Disputes – Bullets, Boulders and Booze: Is Everything Covered? (presentation)

Accidents – A Legal Mishap in Disability Insurance

Tort Law

Issues in Ontario Auto Insurance

SABS and SABS-Related Commentaries

Occupiers’ Liability, the Duty of Care and Available Defences

Cross Border Issues

WSIB and Tort/WSIB Interface Issues

Civil Procedure and Oral Advocacy

Case Commentaries and Further Materials

Mould in Condo Unit: Who’s Responsible?

Partial Summary Judgment – An Option No More?

School Boards, Teachers, and Student Fights

Lessons from Gopie v. Ramcharran: A Case Comment and Review of Issues on Appeal in Civil Jury Trials

Claims Against Educational Institutions – It’s Not Just Academic Anymore

Liability Admissions in Sexual Abuse Claims

Settlement: Attention to Details

Human Rights: Investigating Discrimination

Denying Disability Benefits: Good Faith and the Limitation Period

Breaches of Privacy in the Health Care System

The Risks of Social Hosting: Wardak v. Froom

Contractual Disputes: Is That the Final Answer?

What is the Standard of Review for Contracts?

Dominion v. Optimum: Accident Benefits Coverage and ‘Comprehensive Only’ Policies

Economical v. Northbridge: Multiple Loss Transfer Deductibles Permitted

Hoang v. Vincentini: The “Conflict” Between Insurer and Insured

The Application of Laches in Loss Transfer

Moore v. Getahun: Advocates and Experts, the Evidentiary Paradox

State Farm v. Old Republic: Loss Transfer and the FDRs

Scarlett v. Belair Insurance: A Case on the Minor Injury Guidelines

The “True Nature” of a Claim: Division of (Legal) Labour in the Occupiers’ Liability Context

Souliere v. Casino Niagara: More than One Arrow in the Quiver: Sweep Logs and the Standard of Care

Fidler v. Sunlife: The S.C.C. on Aggravated and Punitive Damages

Social Host Liability: Where are we now – A Commentary on Childs v. Desormeaux

Mustapha v. Culligan and Psychiatric Illness (Nervous Shock) Cases

A Framework for Assessing Vicarious Liability