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World Mental Health Awareness Day

Thank you to our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee for enlightening us on issues related to mental health. Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day. The overall objective of this day is to raise awareness of mental health issues and, specifically, to unite people behind the theme “Mental health is a universal human right”. Everyone has the right to access quality mental health care.

If mental health support systems are accessible, families are strong and supportive, and friends are getting involved, the outcome for many may be positive.   

It is said that mental health is health. One in five people in Canada are living with mental illness, and one in three people will experience mental illness in their lifetime. The further the stigma of mental health is dissolved, the more the shame associated with mental illness will dilute. The stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health must continue to be challenged.

The Canadian Mental Health Association has resources on a variety of different health issues from loneliness to grieving to stress and work/life balance.

It is important to think about mental health, not just on World Mental Health Awareness Day, but every day.