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Small Claims Court Now Accepting Court Documents by E-mail

An updated Notice to the Profession indicates that, on October 28, 2020, the Small Claims Court started to accept most court filings by e-mail at the e-mail addresses for the various court locations at this link. Enforcement documents cannot be filed by e-mail.

E-mailed filings must be submitted in PDF format. For forms that need to be signed by parties or representatives, there is the option to either: (1) apply an electronic signature to a .DOC version of the form, convert the form to PDF, and then submit the PDF file; or (2) print the form, sign it manually, scan it, and then submit it as a PDF.

Documents that need to be issued by the court will be digitally signed by court staff and e-mailed back to the parties.

If parties and representatives deliver materials by e-mail, they undertake to file the same materials in paper format, and pay the requisite filing fee, at the court counter when regular court operations resume.