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New Protocol in Central East Region for Trials and Long Motions

The Central East Region has issued a new protocol for the resumption of civil proceedings, specifically, civil trials, summary judgment motions, long motions, and applications.

The November 2020 civil trial sittings in the Central East Region are cancelled. The status of the May 2021 civil trial sittings is uncertain at this time.

Cases that have been pre-tried and deemed ready for trial by a pre-trial judge can be placed on a running civil trial list either by consent of the parties or by order of a triage judge.

Once the matter has been placed on the running trial list, the parties must be available to commence the trial when called. A minimum of three days’ notice will be given.

Parties should be prepared to conduct non-jury civil trials virtually by Zoom. In some cases, there may be a hybrid trial. Part of the trial may be heard by Zoom and part may be heard in person.

According to a previous Notice to the Profession, this protocol will only apply to non-jury trials. The status of civil jury trials in the Central East Region is currently uncertain.

There will also be a running civil long motions list. This will apply to summary judgment motions, long motions (longer than 1 hour), and applications.

The two running lists will start on October 5, 2020.

The Central East Region is comprised of Barrie, Bracebridge, Cobourg, Durham, Lindsay, Newmarket, and Peterborough.