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New Motion Confirmation Deadline for Short Motions and Applications in Toronto

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s Notice to the Profession for the Toronto Region has been updated.

For short motions and applications in Toronto, the motion confirmation form has to be emailed to by 2:00 p.m. five days prior to the hearing, excluding weekends and holidays. This is a change from the three day period in the Rules of Civil Procedure.

In the case of an abandoned motion where the responding party is seeking costs, the confirmation form must be sent by 10:00 a.m. four days prior to the hearing.

Motion materials must be uploaded into CaseLines at least three days in advance of the hearing. In short and long motions before an associate judge, affidavits of service must be uploaded into CaseLines.

Further, although not new, the Toronto Region has a special protocol for confirming long motions and applications. Such motions and applications must be confirmed one month and one week prior to the hearing date.

Note: see our blog post, dated March 29, 2022. Amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure, effective April 23, 2022, require motions and applications in all regions to be confirmed five days prior to the hearing date. This is subject to any local practice directions.