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Fridays With Rogers Partners

This morning, at our weekly meeting, we had a group discussion on the Court of Appeal’s decision in Louis v. Poitras, 2021 ONCA 49, which was released earlier this week. The decision addresses striking jury notices due to delay caused by the pandemic. We previously wrote a summary of this decision on our blog.

Our firm has a few upcoming motions brought by plaintiffs to strike jury notices. With jury trials in Ontario suspended until at least May 3, 2021, it will be interesting to see the outcome of these motions.

We discussed that, with vaccines anticipated to be widely available by September 2021, any delay with having a jury trial will likely be minimal.

We also discussed that, in some cases, the opposing party has been slow to move the file forward and previously raised no issues of delay, but is now citing delay as a critical reason to strike a jury notice.