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Announcement From Court of Appeal on In-Person Hearings

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Court of Appeal has been hearing appeals in writing and by videoconference. In a notice released this week, the Court of Appeal advised that it will hear some appeals in person.

The Court will only consider holding an in-person hearing if all parties and counsel consent and if the hearing has been scheduled for one full day or longer. However, depending on the Court’s resources, the Court may schedule some half-day appeals for in-person hearings.

In-person attendance will be limited to the parties and legal representatives. Counsel slips are to be filed in advance of the hearing, and people not identified on the counsel slip are not permitted in the courtroom.

Gowning for in-person hearings is not required until further notice.

Only four counsel are permitted to sit at the counsel table (two counsel for each party in a two party proceeding). Any additional counsel must sit in the body of the courtroom unless and until they are required to make submissions.

All materials for the appeal must be filed electronically. Printed materials should not be presented to the Court during the hearing.

People must wear a mask in the courthouse, unless they have a medical reason or are exempted from wearing a mask. Masks may be removed when making submissions to the Court.

All people must maintain a two metre distance from one another, unless separated by a plexiglass barrier.

Water will not be provided in the courtrooms. People may bring their own water bottles.