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In|Sight – Spring 2020 Newsletter

Our associates and students have worked hard on contributing to our Spring 2020 Newsletter while working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope you find the following articles to be of interest:

1.    The Third Time is a Charm; or is it?

2.    Relevancy of Reserves: Kanani v. Economical Insurance

3.    Rights and Remedies Between Primary and Excess Insurers

4.    Broad Findings of Systemic Negligence and Institutional Abuse in Cavanaugh et al. v. Grenville Christian College

5.    What is an “Accident”: The Story of a Muddled Definition

6.    Virtual Commissioning in the Era of COVID-19

7.    The Uncertainty Surrounding The Extension of Limitation Periods at the LAT

8.    Establishing Jurisdiction Through E-Commerce

9.    Volatile Class Representative Removed

10. Interpreting Exclusion Clauses in Insurance Policies

11. What’s Happening at Rogers Partners

12. From the Desk of Gemma Healy-Murphy